Get to know me.

I started drawing pretty early in my life. I can still remember sitting in the back of the car while on a holiday trip and drawing comic characters all the time. I almost forgot about all those creations until I discovered a whole bunch of them recently, it’s really funny to look at them now.

When I started skateboarding at the age of 7, I still kept on drawing and created my own grip tape and board designs with some waterproof markers. Unfortunately, I lost the interest in drawing as I grew older and so all my creativity went into skateboarding, spending the whole day on the board. After finishing high school, I had to decide what I want to be someday, as I was good in art and in speaking other languages I had to choose which of those skills to develop further. Fortunately, i decided to go back to my roots, and started to study communication design at the Niederrhein University in Germany in 1999.  After attending the photography class in 2001, I bought myself a camera and suddenly, another passion was born.

It wasn’t until 2002, when I first visited and soon became a member of the CGTalk forum. I was blown away by all the great artists displaying their digital artwork there. At that time, I was especially fascinated by the 3D work because I really didn’t know anything about this kind of work before. The next passion was born and I quickly started to learn more and more, the CGTalk forum was a great help for sure. Buying my first Wacom tablet in 2004 marks another waypoint in my journey, the infinite possibilities that digital painting offers are simply astonishing. From that time, I concentrated more and more on digital illustration and finally graduated from university in late 2005.

I started out as a freelance artist to create bookcovers and illustrations for several publishing houses. It was in 2007 when i began working for Virgin Lands Animated Pictures where i am right now art directing our second 3d animated feature film.

But most of all i enjoy drawing and painting everyday, because that’s what i love.