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La Vie en Miniature

Painting for our funkymonkeylab painting blog. Topic was “La Vie en Miniature”. Don’t ask me, it just emerged from my canvas this time.

whale girl


Plein Aire Paintings

I recently started to do some plein aire painting with my android tablet and up from now, as the cold weather allows me, with my wacom companion. One of the paintings is already painted on the ccompanion. Some paintings were created during a recent hiking trip in the alps and the others were painted where i live. They took from 30 minutes to 1 1/2 hours.

Return of the living dead

Painting for our funkymonkeylab painting blog. Topic was “Return of the living dead”. I also recently started modeling with clay so i gave it a shot with this topic. Here are a couple of photos i took of the sculpture: Click here

Return of the living dead


Just some ships i painted on my way to the final painting “Long Way Home” for our blog.



B-Movie Poster

Painting for our funkymonkeylab painting blog. I had to choose a topic this time, which was “B-Movie Posters” then. Quite some nice ones over at our blog. Have a look.

B-Movie Poster

Long Way Home

Another painting for our funkymonkeylab painting blog. This time the topic was “Long Way Home”. Really had a lot of fun painting a scifi scene again.

Long Way Home

Incredible Machine

Somehow struggled to paint something for our latest painting blog topic over at funkymonkeylab. So i decided to play with some animated stuff and finally came up with this Machine. Unfortunately i couldn’t create a file with a decent size so if you want to see it in full resolution be warned that it is 13mb big.

Unexpected Present

So the year is almost over again. Crazy, this year really went by way to fast. Upon leaving for holiday i thought i’d share the latest painting i created for our funkymonkeylab blog.

Topic was “Unexpected Present”.

Unexpected Present

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

New painting.

Recently finished the latest painting for the blog i have running with some colleagues. Topic was “Honey, Dinner is ready!”. And i guess “disgusting” depends on the perspective.

And there’s a bunch of pooping dog sketches i did for the painting.

Honey, Dinner is ready!

Gallery uploaded


found some time to upload images for the galleries. Check it out!

Also just finished my take on the angry green man.